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A bus on demand platform at your fingertips.

Get the best of bybus with the Service Manager app, the Driver app and the Passenger app! All in one suite of products for your organization, town or event.

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How does it work?

This product pursues the objective of improving the mobility in urban areas by making more agile and flexible the usage of public transport while optimising the resources with an on-demand mobility solution.

Instead of having a regular bus line where the bus does always the same route independently of the passengers, the system canalises all requests so that they are distributed in an optimal way through the backend + routing optimisation algorithm and it gives dynamic routes to the bus drivers.

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Product suite

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Receives the jobs to do with the routes already optimised.

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Service Manager

Manages the service and helps the drivers with the back office work.

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Requests the service and enjoys the experience.

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Interested on the project?

Give us a shout and we can collaborate together. Implementing bybus on your town, organization or event is very easy, just contact us and we will find the way!

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